Lookeen as ClearContext Alternative. ClearContext is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that organizes the Inbox. The plugin of ClearContext Corporation is specialized in sorting incoming emails according to defined rules. In addition, you can assign tasks to emails or defer them, to edit later.

Unusual access | DSLReports, ISP Information Forum discussion: I've been looking for an alternative to Clear.com for 4G wireless, just in case they shut it down. I've been really happy with the service. I found this one for $50/mo unlimited What should I get to replace CLEAR internet? - isp Aug 30, 2015 ClearOS Alternatives and Similar Software - AlternativeTo.net

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as far as 3G-4G hotspot IPs go, there is freedompop (similar pricing and data as clear), and tmobile (which has several tierred packages, looked a bit cheaper than clear when i last looked a couple months ago). otherwise, there's satellite internet which is pretty expensive. Best Privacy Software: Clear Windows, File and Browser east-tec is a good choice if you need to keep your internet browsers clear. In our tests, it consistently cleaned browser histories, cookies, cache files and autocomplete data without leaving any trace behind—we couldn’t even recover the information using recovery software.

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With recent bad publicity around cookies, new European legislation (so called Cookie law) and new default settings in various web browsers (e.g. enabled DNT headers in Internet Explorer, blocking 3rd party cookies in Firefox and Safari), it is becoming critical to start looking for alternatives and implementing them. 5 Best Alternatives for Kindle Fire Browser Jul 09, 2019