Complete How-To Guide to Clearing Cache, History and

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The Clear-Site-Data header clears browsing data (cookies, storage, cache) associated with the requesting website. It allows web developers to have more control over the data stored locally by a …

The new extension framework used by Firefox Quantum doesn't allow functionality like provided by these extensions. That is why they are not being updated to work with Firefox Quantum. So the way to actually clear the cache is as follows. Go to the History menu; Select Clear Recent History; Check all boxes

How to Clear the Flash player cache in Mac OS X To clear flash player in Mavericks- click 'System preferences' and scroll down to the bottom of the page. click the flash player folder to bring up the preferences and click 'delete all' to clear the flash player cache. Flash Player video doesn't display in Firefox, Safari, or Firefox: Change pop-up blocker settings, Enable JavaScript, or Clear the cache. If a SWF file stops abruptly, see Flash video stops after a few seconds in Firefox. Chrome: Chrome has a built-in Flash Player. Check if the internal Flash Player is interfering with external Flash Player. Type about://plugins into address bar. On the Plug-ins page How to Clear Your Cache on Any Browser | PCMag Aug 27, 2019 Clearing your browser’s cache | IT Connect